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Welcome on the Website of UCP-Germany, Catholic Medical Association in the Federal Republic of Germany


Munich Cathedral of Our Lady
Munich Cathedral


Dear Catholic visitors and medical colleagues all over the world,


let us present the second medicial association of Catholic physicians 
in Germany - 'Bund Katholischer Ärzte' - Union of Catholic Physicians Germany.


This second German Christian medical initiative bases on the tradition of the former "Munich St. Luke's Doctor's Guilt". 

Started in 2004 in Munich (Bavaria, Southern Germany) this Catholic medical movement spread now all over the territory of Germany.




European flags in Altötting

Please, have attention to the following pages at this website:

1)  Links for communication with other Catholic institutions and associations in Europe                                                                                        Page
2)  Index / search of the UCP-websites in German language        Page

3)  Visit the German UCP-Website with a lot of religious and other medical topis                                                                                   Page


Further informations You will receive from Dr. Gero Winkelmann, info[at]bkae.org.

Thank You for Your interesting.
Please, include Your sympathy for us in Your prayer too.


Best wishes for You and best greetings from Munich in Germany!       
Yours sincerely
Dr. Gero Winkelmann,
Founder and Director of BKÄ-/ UCP-Association



Installlation of this website 25-4-2005, Memory of St. Marc,  + 16-2-2010, gw, last update 6-8-2014

Katholikentag 2016


Die BKÄ-Ärztevereinigung hat sich zum 100. Katholikentag 2016 in leipzig angemeldet, um mit einem Infostand auf der Kirchenmeile kath. Ärztearbeit zu präsentieren.

Neue Seiten hier!



Die BKÄ-Website hat Zuwachs bekommen!

HIER die neuesten Seiten zu aktuellen Themen.


Ärztekreise in Vorbereitung


Roter Knaller ...

Regionale kath. Ärztekreise sind in Planung (z.B. Freiburg, Stuttgart, ...). Interessierte Ärzte, Zahnärzte und Medizinstudenten bitte melden!